Looking for anatomy resources/ Whats with 3D?

Has any one any sugestions for teaching human anatomy with the IWB? We have found some resources on the smart echange but most of them are 3d and we dont apear to have liscences for this. 

Apart from this we have been looking at youtube and general rinteractive online resources, but would apreciate anything that anyone can sugest. 

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Hi Laurence, just picked this up, apologies.  I don't know if these are available outside the UK, but there are some resources within the "NLN" materials produced for the FE sector in the UK.  Some are looking a bit old now, but depending what you are after you might find something.  Here's an example: http://go.nln.ac.uk/content/workshop3_RH4_Lung%20structure%20and%20...

It is within the vocational resources part of the NLN materials


Hi Larry,

Unfortunately, the 3D images are activated when your laptop is connected to a Smart Document Camera! Very cheeky of Smart!

Have you checked out:





You can always use your on screen spotlight and magnifier to highlight areas of interest!


Hi Larry,

Have a look at www.anatronica.com.  It has a free online version that is very interesting

Hope it is of some use.



That's pretty cool Tom!

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