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eTuition Programme               


Tutorials to deliver module

Prospectus on Delivering eTuition Programme


eTuition Programme is a progression option from eCert in VET programme and provides more advanced tutorials on the use of ICT in VET/FE sector.
eTuition Programme is made of 4 modules:

  • Web 2.0 Technologies that includes instructions on using eTuition Community of Practice (Compulsory)                                                                                           
  • Digital Media (Optional)
  • Online Communication Tools (Optional)
  • Interactive Whiteboards (Optional)                                                         


Tutorials to deliver modules

To access the tutorials click on the relevant link below. A separate window should pop out. You can then print the manual or read directly from the screen. There are Assessment Activities listed at the end of each tutorial that will prove the completion of the module.
eTuition modules:

After you complete eTuition tutorials please fill out the evaluation questionnaire that will help us improve the website and the programme 




Prospectus on delivering the eTuition Programme within the South Eastern Regional College.

In piloting the eTuition programme in SERC and given the time constraints surrounding this project, the initial approach taken was to encourage staff who  had already completed the eCert programme to participate in this pilot. Four members of staff who completed the eCert agreed to take part in the programme and four members of staff would had good experience of using ICT also agreed to participate. This blend of more staff with more experience of integrating ICT into teaching programmes and staff who had completed the eCert allowed the pilot to gain the views and opinions of range of staff with differing expectations of the eTuition programme.

It proved difficult to get the entire group of participants available at the same point in time and so one to one and one to two meetings were held to explain the rationale behind the eTuition programme. Where members agreed to participate in the programme individual sessions were held to help work through the Web 2.0 in VET module. It was viewed essential that this module was completed first as it is a mandatory module and secondly it was fundamental to eTuition programme that participants are familiar with the eTuition community of practice as this would enable them to access the tutorials for the other modules.

The Web 2.0 module was introduced via an online tutorial. This tutorial covered a range of topics including Bloggs, Wikis, Social Bookmarking, Podcasting and Social Networking. Step by step instructions are included on how use the eTuition Community of Practice including Creating and Managing Groups. It was important to ensure that the administrator of the eTuition Community is available when new members join the site as their membership needs to be approved. It this is not completed virtually immediately the impetus to fully participate in the community will be lost.

Working with individuals in this manner proved quite time consuming and it would have been more effective to have had several staff available simultaneously. On reflection staff would not need to have been physically in the same location it would have been sufficient if they had been online simultaneously. It would also have been beneficial if participants had been advised in advance to have materials such as a photograph, a video or another resource available for uploading to the eTuition Community of Practice.

As part of the assessment activity for this module participants also have to respond to posts on a forum. It may prove beneficial if an online discussion took place during this induction, among the group of participants. This would have helped familiarise participants with the various features of the site and it would have encouraged them to respond to forums and blogs.

For the four members of staff who had completed the eCert this was their first encounter with Web 2.0 technologies and they were initially tentative about uploading their own photograph and posting material on the site. Again it may have been beneficial to have all four participants online simultaneously to help overcome this.

The participants that were more experienced and confident in using ICT were easily able to complete the Web 2.0 module with minimal assistance and most staff confirmed they had completed similar activities prior to this.

All eight participants were encouraged to complete the modules on Instant Messaging and using a digital camera and flip camera. Participants who had completed the eCert programme preferred a blended approach in the instant messaging module. Perhaps this was partly due to the delivery method that the participants had experienced in the eCert programme.

The Using digital cameras and flip cameras module was delivery via blended learning. Staff accessed the training manuals, adhering to the advice given. However it was necessary to have a short practical demonstration on how to use both of these devices. Staff were very interested in this module as the South Eastern Regional College are keen to expand on the use of ePortfolios for presenting evidence for assessment purposes.





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