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Playing with the Interactive Whiteboard in Bray Youthreach

Exploring the possibilities of Interactive Whiteboards in Bray today!

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Spores, Sparksand Spacesignposts!

Met wth my colleagues from Limerick City and Kildare VECs for a quick coffee and to devise a plan for today's activities. As always at BETT, the realisation that I'm probably not oing to be able to see everything, and must prioritise is sinking in! In fact, on the way to meeting people, my eyes are drawn to the rich variety of ideas, concepts and gizmos on offer, and I have to be super-disciplined to get to the meetings without being distracted! First meeting with the Technical Consultant for… Continue

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e-Tuition visits BETT 2010

BETT is the foremost British trade fair for technology in education. It is a positive treasure trove if information, and entering Olympia, that wonderful example of 19th century industrial architecture, should come with a health warning guarding against over-stimulation resulting from over-exposure to 21st century computer architecture! The first impression is of a sea of colour and banners spreading as far as the eye can see and filling four or five large exhibition halls.

The crowds wait… Continue

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ICT Resources Time-consuming


It is becoming more convenient to produce creative and challenging tasks for students to complete using our VLE. However I would like to see statistics that would confirm that students do learn more effectively using online based interactive tasks.

I entirely agree with the development of ICT interactive resources but I find it very time consuming. I often spend 2 – 3 hours on a task that student complete in 5 to 10 minutes. I know that the task could be used in… Continue

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ICT Beauty Therapy


I have been teaching Beauty Therapy for a number of years. I completed the eCert in VET last year and agreed to join the eTuition Community of Practice.

I have never used a social networking site before and have found it quite interesting.

I completed two modules - WEB2 and the module on Digital Cameras and Flip Cameras. I found the unit on Digital Cameras and Flip Cameras must useful because I can see how I can use this with my Beauty students to record… Continue

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Using ICT in Hairdressing

I completed the eCert programme between January and May in 2009. I really enjoyed the course and we had a good laugh while at the same time we learnt a lot about the various applications. I was fairly happy with Wordprocessing but did learn quite a bit about Word 2007. I has developed a few PowerPoint presentations before but I did not know how to include any animations. I really enjoyed learning this. We also did some work on Digitial cameras and editing photographs. I found this really… Continue

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Using ICT in Teaching

No matter where you are in education today the new management buzz word seems to be ICT Integration. There is such a hard sell on this - but what is often ignored is the fact that every 30 minute exercise created - takes about 2-3 hours of preparation time! On the other hand though - when effective ICT integration is balanced with traditional methods it really does seem to work.

I find it useful for assessing learning - creating a quiz in Hot Potatoes is one of the easiest things in… Continue

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Joanne McClean hairdressing

I began teaching in September 2006 after completing my JEB teaching certificate, in my job there is alot of ICT involved in class preparation. I completed an eCert in VET, which included word processing, power point and learnt how to prepare quizzes and improved file management. I also learnt how to use a digital camera, which is vital as I use the digital camera every day for evidence and needed to know how to save and print the pictures. I completed modules in Web2, digital camera and office… Continue

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Using ICT in Teaching Practice

I only started teaching in September 2009. I was previously studying my JEB Principles and Practices in Education.

I was required to use different methods of ICT as part of my teaching practice. I used online resources directing students to useful sites. I produced presentation using Powerpoint to demonstate to the class.

In addition since commencing teaching in September I have downloaded videos from sites such as LABRATS to demonstrate components in a PC to students. I have also… Continue

Added by Fiona McKay on January 4, 2010 at 10:00 — 1 Comment

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