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BETT Report 31.1.13

BETT was very busy today, with hoards at the Excel centre attending it and a CISCO event. 

We attended a number of presentations, including a presentation at the Smart theatre about the ITEC Schoolnet project - worth watching as some of the findings could inform Smart VET. It was definitely the most interesting presentation of the day. We were then brought to another room, by a person we met at the ITEC presentation, to view ISIS, a system for making videos of teachers in action for…


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Big Ideas in Education

Vic Godard playing 'What teachers make' by Taylor Mali. 'Teaching is a job worth aspiring for'.

Dennis Hayes : Prof of Education at Derby - ' The MacDonaldisation (George Ritser) of Education'- the term sums up the use of industrial techniques in education. There are four features: Efficiency; Predictability (everything in bite size chunks - e.g.: learning objectives); Calculability (e.g. League Tables); Control (e.g. Appraisal). Hayes believes these are leading to 'sclerosis of the… Continue

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ITEC European Schoolnet project

Vision for classroom of the future.

Vast amounts of investment - not a lot of change however, in site of claims for 'blue sky thinking'.

26 project partners.

This roject starts with the classroom, with each teacher starting with their own learning story.

Project is about teachers employing technology in useful ways .

Partnership of ministries of education (policy); academics; commercial organisations; organisations like school net that can facilitate the discussion and… Continue

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MindMapping apps

Mindmapping software is ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard.  It offers great advantages over the use of paper flip boards, as you can add, delete and move ideas around as you go. Good quality software should also allow you to export the ideas to a Word or PowerPoint format. My own personal favourite software is MindGenius, but it is not free.  Take a look at this 1…


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BETT '13 The Flipped Classroom

Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergman presented today in the BETT Arena, describing the concept of the 'flipped' classroom. This started with both teachers creating videos of themselves delivering the regular content they delivered. These videos were then made available to students either on-line or on a flash drive, to be studied outside school hours. 

Teacher and students could then focus on doing practical and project-based work in the classroom, which allowed for more in-depth…


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IWB project iTILT presented at BETT

The iTILT project on IWB and language education will present its results at the BETTshow on Friday February 1, 10-10:30am in the SMARTRoom.

If you happen to be there do come and visit us, definitely if your teaching also involves modern languages.

Alternatively check out our video resources, might provide some inspiration here and there...…


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~Free Online Voting Tool~

I came accross this on the CESI group this morning and thought you it would be a great resource…


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Working with teachers on IWB Software

I visited Bray Adult Education Centre, Bray Youthreach, Arklow Further Education Centre and Blessington Further Education Centre over the last few days, with my colleague, Wendy O'Sullivan. We were talking to teachers about their progress with their Project Plans. The teachers we met were progressing with their plans for testing their IWB skills in a structured fashion, and we were presented with many interesting ideas for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; Communications, Art;…


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Don't miss out on Wordmagnets!

Wordmagnets is one element of the Triptico package I have blogged about earlier this year, but is well worth a posting on its own.  It is a very simple idea (think fridge magnets with words or phrases on them) but exploits to the full the movement feature of any interactive whiteboard. Just add one teacher with imagination!  It can also be used with students of any age or ability.  Rather than just describe it, take a look at …


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Make your own recordings

Almost a side feature of IWB software which is often ignored or overlooked is the screen recording feature.  This allows you to “talk-over” whatever process is happening on screen, just using a basic microphone.   This means you can explain how to use a website, do a software tutorial, or talk over a PowerPoint show whilst recording it.  The resulting screencast can then be shared with students, via your network or the web, so they can watch and listen as often as they need to- personalising…


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Smoothboard software

A little bit of future-gazing for a change.  It seems to me that the next step on from interactive whiteboards is to integrate the use of tablets and other portable devices into what is happening in the classroom.  A number of teachers are using iPads and other tablets imaginatively, but would like to easily connect the tablet to the projected image from the classroom PC and projector.  This has up to now involved buying kit to connect, but a free app called Smoothboard may give a…


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Triptico Free Software

Happy New Year to everyone! 

My first posting this year is about the fabulous free software called Triptico.   I have long been a fan of this software, created by a very talented English teacher from the North East of England.  They are exactly the tools teachers are looking for to create classroom activities.  They are also very easy to use.  Here is a…


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