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Happy Halloween to the latest eTuition Community of Practice Members

Hello and Welcome to all the latest members of the eTuition Community of Practice.  The next step of the journey is to join the Smart_VET group on the site - a very simple task.  You all have received - or soon will - an invitation from Angela to join the Smart_VET group.  All you have to do is accept the invitation and click on the link. As soon as you have joined the group you will have access to many resources, videos, blogs etc. that have been posted your Smart_VET colleagues.…


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A rant on technology in the classroom!

This is a link to a blog entry by Greg Limperts.on the use of technology in the classroom. Its a bit of a rant, however, he does have a nice description towards the end of IWB's as allowing you to let students teach other students, which I felt was a nice line.

Blog entry

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3rd SMART_VET project meeting in Utrecht, the Netherlands

The next Project Partners Meeting has been planned in Utrecht on 8 and 9 November.

As Dutch project partner (TELLConsult) we are proud to be hosting this session. We booked a meeting room at the Faculty of Education of Hogeschool Utrecht also because I used to work here and my interest in IWBs was kindled when we moved to this brand new building (abundant with IWBs) some 6 years ago.…


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Speed trials

I've just finished running speed trials on the smart notebook 11 software. I've run them on two machines in Bray with smartboards attached, I've run them on two machines here in Arklow, and I've run them on my home machine with 4.5 Gbytes ram installed as well as on a netbook.  In all cases it seems to take about 50 to 60 seconds from clicking on the ikon, to having the software open. I've also noticed a funny program called "BrowserProcess.exe" which seems to start three copies of itself…


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Task 3 at BIFE

Teachers being invited to try out tasks - Task 3: use four different polygons; fill each one using a different colour; link them using a line tool to create a flow diagram; label a polygon; clone the label and move to each polygon. Round of applause!!!

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Seminar 1 and 2: Bray Institute of Further Education

We're being mouses and pens at Bray today! Learning about the different kinds of pens, shapes, line-types, magic pens....

Choosing work groups using the dice!

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SmartVET Teacher Seminar Arklow FEC

Ann demonstrating IWB tools to teachers. Camera function is useful for capturing for presentations. Functions allow creation of a lesson, allowing teacher input to flow. You can insert images and change the size of the image without losing quality.

Magic pen allows to create a spotlight. Good for highlighting one portion of an image for discussion and questions, and then revealing the whole image.

On-screen Internet browser can be built into your lesson.

Ann using dual page… Continue

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Smart_VET Teacher Seminar, Arklow Further Education Centre

Denise and Ann presenting to teachers from VTOS and Adult Badic Education today. Denise is demonstrating an IWB lesson about the Titanic. Usefulness of IWB for saving lessons, and e-mailing content to students highlighted. All teachers involved can load the IWB software to their laptops for preparing at home.

Discussion of value of tablets for use with the IWB.

We're now identifying how IWBs support effective learning. It depends on the learning and teaching styles. IWBs encourage… Continue

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Smart_VET Teacher Seminar Blessington FEC

Arrived Blessington - great buzz. The group is discussing advantages and disadvantages of teacher-centred lessons.

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