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How I use the Interactive Whiteboard - Joanna Brennan

Joanna, a teacher of art in Bray Adult Education Centre, sent me this description of using the IWB for Art History:

'Yesterday I was lucky enough to have an Art History lesson in a room with an interactive whiteboard. I had images of Masaccio's Tribute Money on a memory stick and so was able to use the pen tool to indicate linear perspective, drawing lines over the image which converged at a vanishing point on the horizon line above Christ's head. I found this so useful and am looking…


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How I use the IWB

Hi All,

I'm starting a post about how I use or the way I use the IWB to deliver my lessons. For today's lesson in Business Management I used the IWB to show students links to business processes, I took screen shots and highlighted sections that were relevant. Last Thursday for Graphic Design I simply used the screen shade and got the students to use the pen tool to answer questions. So you can see from my use that I don't use every single tool in every lesson sometimes all…


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Ways to use an IWB no.1: IWB software

Hi there, I intend to use this blog to publicise some of the opportunities an IWB offers you in the classroom.  Although I don't want to just look at the software that comes with these interactive whiteboards, it is probably a good place to start.   I also want to practice what I preach. So...I have created some short  instructional videos here for you to look at.  There is also a set…


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3rd Seminar and First Workshop sesion Arklow Youthreach

This seminar/ workshop took place in the throes of FETAC completion / Internal verification, and I had three staff members partaking. I have two other teachers who have expresed an interest in the program and I will follow up with them at a later date.

 I was working on a presentation, when it occurred to me that this whole process is about student interaction, and student led learning. So rather than develop a talk for the session, I decided to use the COP to drive the learning. We…


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TELLConsult hosted SMARTVET's third project meeting.

SMARTVET's project team convened in Utrecht for its latest project meeting. 

The session was hosted by Dutch project partner TELLConsult. All partners from UK, Ireland and Italy were present. Progress and results were reviewed and further steps planned.…


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Excel problems


Anyone have this problem? !! Since I downloaded  Smart 11 it seems to cause problems with Excel, it crashes in print preview.


Added by Ursula Deering on November 1, 2012 at 21:28 — 2 Comments

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