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EU Grants for language teachers

Also for language teachers in vocational education with an interest in using IWB this announcement may well be relevant:

The University of Antwerp, Linguapolis and its partners in the EU project iTILT are offering an EU-funded summercourse targeted at teachers of modern languages to promote the effective use of Interactive Whiteboards in language education.

TELLConsult, co-initiator and iTILT partner, is organising this course in collaboration with the University of Aveiro and…


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Draft introduction for the 20 tips Guide

There are no magic bullets in teaching.  That wonderful technique or piece of technology or whatever which transforms your  teaching practice and turns all your students into genii does not exist.

The interactive while board is just another piece of kit, and it won’t teach your class for you or correct students copy books while you go home. At its heart Its  a more advanced version of that piece of teaching technology which has been around since the Lascaux caves,  a slab of something…


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A sample lesson plan for my teachers.

I have drawn up a couple of lesson plans for a hypothetical course using the IWB.  These may be a little too elaborate, but should give a flavour of whats involved in documenting what you are doing using these templates.

Lesson 1




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Coordinators seminar Arklow, Laurence Cuffe's contribution

Atached to this post is a copy of the presentation I made to the coordinators seminar in Arklow on the 5th of December. In adition to the links mentioned in the smart notebook of my presentation, I mentioned a couple of websites which I curate.

Firstly there was "SubjectresourcesforIrished" and in particular the "math…


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Geogebra software on an IWB

I am a great fan of Geogebra software, and the touch capability of an interactive whiteboard allows you dynamically show mathematical drawings and functions changing before your very eyes....get your students to participate too.  Geogebra is free to download, and has a fairly short learning curve.  It can be used at a very basic mathematical level right up to degree level. If you have never used the software before I have made a couple of videos showing what it can do.  There is my…


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