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iTILT research on self-efficacy in the use of interactive whiteboards

Paper based on the iTILT project entitled 'A study of self-efficacy in the use of interactive whiteboards across educational settings: a European perspective from the iTILT project' by partner colleagues Hillier, Beauchamp, Whyte just appeared in e-journal of the British Education Studies Association, Vol.5 (2) June 2013 […


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SmartVET project meeting in Trieste, Italy

Invited by partner ENAIP the SmartVET project team met in Trieste, Italy, last week, to discuss progress and align activities planned for the upcoming final 6 months.

Among others experiences were reported with the sessions organised by the 'Champions',…


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Every adult needs a champion too!

An interesting read and very timely indeed!

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SmartVET External Evaluation

SmartVET External Evaluator, Dr. Miriam Judge has started to meet with teachers and Co-ordinators in SmartVET centres this week.

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine whether any changes need to be
made to the model of Continuing Professional Development we are designing and to make changes to the final model. It will also inform  recommendations for managing the process to other organisations that are
planning to run a similar model.

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Assessing the use of multimedia technologies and mobile devices in Vocational Education & Training in Ireland

I am working with the Game Based Learning (GBL) Research Group at Waterford Institute of Technology.

As part of our research, we are examining ways to improve motivation and learning on the part of learners using technology-enhanced solutions, including Multimedia and other interactive technologies. We are also building software solutions to help teachers and engage learners and ensure that both find teaching and learning a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

As part…


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Figures on IWB availability in EU schools

From the latest 'ICT in Education' report it appears that Irish primary education is well equipped with IWBs. It is among the first five countries  in the EU as far as access to IWB per student is concerned. In grade 11 there are however slightly fewer IWBs available than on average in EU school organisations. Unfortunately figures for Irish vocational education are not available in the report.

The full report is …


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Smart Exchange

Just joined Smart Exchange, Looking forward to browsing the site for useful resources.

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Bootcamp at BFEC

Visiting MOMA in New York to capture some high class modern art with the camera tool, providing inspiration for my gallery corridor in my dream house..... :)

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Using students' own devices?

The idea of using students own devices to interact with the screen are probably not quite there yet, but let's future gaze.  I have successfully used poll everywhere  (free for audiences less than 40) to create questions I can put into standard Powerpoint shows.  The audience can then choose how to respond, via a text message, a web interface, or Twitter.  This means the audience can participate, even with a basic…


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SMARTVET presented at yet another University in Turkey

The joint presentation of the iTİLT and SMARTVET projects at the International Symposium, New Issues on Teacher Education (ISNITE’2013) in Ankara was well attended. It also led to an invitation from the dean of the Faculty of Education at Nevsehir University to deliver a lecture on İWBs and the project (interim)…


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Mouse Mischief

Why not take class interaction a step further than an interactive whiteboard?  Whiteboard manufacturers also produce response handsets, but they tend to be expensive. The free Microsoft  Mouse Mischief just uses standard wireless mice, plus a USB hub, so you can put together 10 mice and a hub for under £120. There is a glossy Microsoft promo video here, (for some reason, aimed at…


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Back to whiteboard basics

Calling all new visitors...welcome! I am conscious of the fact that new members may be joining this community all the time, so perhaps I can use this posting to recap some Interactive Whiteboard  (IWB) basics.  There are some short instructional videos (each just a few minutes long) which demonstrate some possibilities, and also build confidence in using the hardware and software. Also don’t…


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Disseminating interim SMARTVET results 2

SMARTVET partner TELLConsult’s planned dissemination & exploitation activities are materialising.

Recently two paper proposals were accepted. One entitled “iTILT and SMARTVET: 2 EU projects to promote effective interactive whiteboard use in Language and Vocational Education” was accepted for the EUROCALL 2013 Conference in Portugal. 

Another paper, to which SMARTVET colleague, Angela…


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National Digital Education Summit 3: iPads in St. Colman's College, Claremorris

Mr. Pat Keane described the introduction of iPads in a school. The school was well equipped with multimedia rooms, broadband and an Apple suite for arts; but it was not easy to access the facilities other than through timetabling for the rooms. 

The thinking in this school was that there were advantages in terms of robustness; anti-virus protection; battery power, apps and intuitive nature of the device. Rapid interconnectivity opens a world of resources and information for teachers…


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National Digital Education Summit 2

Craig Munro:Strategic Director, Education Scotland
In Scottish education, there has been a comprehensive broadband linked system since 2005, across 32 education authorities.

Issues : variation in policy; procurement;broadband cover.

Teachers: In Scotland, teachers are encouraged to participate in on-line professional learning communities.

Within the Scottish curriculum, there are four drivers: numeracy, literacy, health and wellbeing, ICT.

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National Digital Educatiin Summit

A new European study highlights a need for more training in the use of ICT in teaching. Teachers mostly use ICT for preparing ckasses rather than for teaching in tge ckassroom.

There is a skills gap in terms of digital pedagogy and application of ICT in teaching.

This is a multi-disciplinary area, which requires the input of experts in a range of fields, from technology to education to socisl science to psychology.

Speaking on behslf of the European Commidsion, Ms. Patricia… Continue

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Powerpoint hidden feature

Did you know that PowerPoint has a hidden annotation tool built in?  Hover your mouse around the bottom left of your slides during a show, and you should see a pen and highlighter tool you can use on your slides.  Once again this is technology you can use on an interactive whiteboard, but also anywhere else too.  Combine this with the wireless mouse mentioned in a earlier post, and I am sure you can see some interesting (and more interactive) uses for this in any classroom.

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The Writing's on the Wall

An essential tool for a whiteboard (and elsewhere)  is an online noticeboard.  If you are not sure what I mean,here’s one I prepared earlier using Lino-it. add your own post!

As you would expect, these offer somewhere to post up short notes, comments, opinions, images and even videos. The beauty of these is that you and students can add to them from anywhere with an internet connection, so…


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Triptico Update

In a previous post I have sung the praises of the free Tripticosoftware, and distributed in on a stick during my face to face training session with champions last September.  (My 4 minute introduction to some of the apps is available here, plus a …


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SMARTVET referred to at Dutch Congress of teachers of German

The SMARTVET project was also mentioned during the presentation of the iTILTeu project results at the bi-annual congress of Dutch teachers of German as a second language, some of whom also teach in the vocational sector (MBO in Dutch).  Find the PPT on Slideshare here  …


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