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Handwriting Calculator

Something a little different today, a free app for the iPad/iPhone/Android devices: the MyScript Calculator.  A calculator that consists of … a blank sheet of paper.  Yes, you just write your calculations on the blank sheet of paper, and it just does the calculation for you.   Take a look at to see just how simple (and powerful) this is. 

Can we have a version for Windows that would work on an IWB…


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Disseminating interim SMARTVET results

The abstract 'iTILT and SMARTVET: 2 EU projects to promote effective interactive whiteboard use in Language and Vocational Education' for the co-presentation of these projects  was successfully submitted for the EUROCALL 2013 Conference in Evora, Portugal in September.…


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The humble wireless mouse

You would have to be very lucky to have an interactive whiteboard in every classroom you teach in, so what can you do?  A cheap bit of kit and some lateral thinking can help: the humble wireless mouse.  A good one costs less than GBP12 or so, and I reckon teachers should regard them as the equivalent of the the box of chalk I started my career with: don’t enter a classroom without one.  You can pass it round the classroom, and combined with some of the software mentioned already in this blog…


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Dan Meyer's Capstone speech

Finite resources - time; patience vs infinite numbers of tools available

Question - is there an education guiding manifesto about what you want to use. 

Theere is a rapid pace of change and if we don't have a strong education technology manifesto, we are scuppered - it is time to start emptying the bag of tools!

3 things - tools to help capture perplexity;share perplexity; resolve perplexity;

What does perplexity mean? - student doesn't know something; wants to…


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Joe Dale at CESI - Mobile devices in education

Joe Dale presented a very interesting talk about the many and varied uses of iPads in education - link to presentation to follow.

iPad - a multi-modal device - puts the internet into the hands of students

TPACK - Mishra &Koher, 2006: COmbine technological knowledge with pedagogical knowledge with content knowledge

SAMR: Dr. Puentedura - Substitiotion, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition

Bloom's Taxonomy for iPads - 'Prosumers' - producers and…


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CESI 2013 Report: Digital Media for Poetry - Callum Philbin

Using  Animoto:  -

Animoto is a web application facilitating conglomeration of  text, image and sound - educators can apply for free accounts. 

What do you use it for?

Creating digital poems

This teacher used 2x35 minute classes to introduce animoto, and then gave students homework to create a poetic video. 

Students shared with their classmates, and also with friends and families on-line. 



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Newcomers start here: IWB basics

I am conscious of the fact that new members may be joining this community all the time, so perhaps I can use this posting to recap some Interactive Whiteboard  (IWB) basics.  There are some short instructional videos (each just a few minutes long) which demonstrate some possibilities, and also build confidence in using the hardware and software. Also don’t forget that you should also be able to put the software…


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I'm a Wordle fan

Wordle is a fabulous, free, web tool.  It makes designs out of the text you give it.  This 5 minute introductory video demonstrates what I mean.   At first sight it might seem just a novelty, but as you start to create and  explore you will see scope for lots of activities within and outside the classroom, both teacher-led and student-led.  Personally I sometimes just…


Added by Phil Ackroyd on February 14, 2013 at 11:21 — 2 Comments - Interactive games to engage learners

Zondle is a games-based learning platform that enables teachers and students to create, play and share games to support their learning needs. Teachers can create over 50+ games by entering their own topics or browse through over 30,000 stored topics. Zondle…


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The wheel non-reinvention unit: sharing!

Are you reinventing the wheel?  There are lots of clever people out there, producing good quality learning resources perfect for an IWB, they are happy to share with you.  Here are three searchable resources you might want to look at, two geared to particular hardware, but another more generic:


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Wordwall - A Little Gem from BETT 2013

I stumbled upon Word Wall at BETT 2013 and I immediately thought it was an excellent addition to our SmartVET Project. It is very similar to the Lesson Activity Builder in the Notebook software but it has some excellent additional resources. And best of all it’s free to download for all teachers on their personal PC’s or laptops.



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BETT February 1st, 2013

1st February 2013

Afternoon blog from BETT ’13


This afternoon was about checking out some of the new hardware available, including the Surface Tablet. This tablet is quite impressive, particularly because it gives easy access to Microsoft Office. It is also rather nice looking, with rounded protective corners to prevent glass shattering, and USB and SD slots built in too. Connected to a school network, it is…


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iTILT Interactive Technologies in Language Teaching

This project developed a website which includes videos of teachers who were trained to use Interactive Whiteboards in language teaching. 

The site has a very comprehensive set of search filters to allow teachers to find examples of lessons in different languages, on different topics and integrating various themes. 

In the site, you will also find teacher reflection and student feedback on their experiences of the lessons. 

There are also ideas for using visual…


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BETT Report 31.1.13

BETT was very busy today, with hoards at the Excel centre attending it and a CISCO event. 

We attended a number of presentations, including a presentation at the Smart theatre about the ITEC Schoolnet project - worth watching as some of the findings could inform Smart VET. It was definitely the most interesting presentation of the day. We were then brought to another room, by a person we met at the ITEC presentation, to view ISIS, a system for making videos of teachers in action for…


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Big Ideas in Education

Vic Godard playing 'What teachers make' by Taylor Mali. 'Teaching is a job worth aspiring for'.

Dennis Hayes : Prof of Education at Derby - ' The MacDonaldisation (George Ritser) of Education'- the term sums up the use of industrial techniques in education. There are four features: Efficiency; Predictability (everything in bite size chunks - e.g.: learning objectives); Calculability (e.g. League Tables); Control (e.g. Appraisal). Hayes believes these are leading to 'sclerosis of the… Continue

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ITEC European Schoolnet project

Vision for classroom of the future.

Vast amounts of investment - not a lot of change however, in site of claims for 'blue sky thinking'.

26 project partners.

This roject starts with the classroom, with each teacher starting with their own learning story.

Project is about teachers employing technology in useful ways .

Partnership of ministries of education (policy); academics; commercial organisations; organisations like school net that can facilitate the discussion and… Continue

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MindMapping apps

Mindmapping software is ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard.  It offers great advantages over the use of paper flip boards, as you can add, delete and move ideas around as you go. Good quality software should also allow you to export the ideas to a Word or PowerPoint format. My own personal favourite software is MindGenius, but it is not free.  Take a look at this 1…


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BETT '13 The Flipped Classroom

Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergman presented today in the BETT Arena, describing the concept of the 'flipped' classroom. This started with both teachers creating videos of themselves delivering the regular content they delivered. These videos were then made available to students either on-line or on a flash drive, to be studied outside school hours. 

Teacher and students could then focus on doing practical and project-based work in the classroom, which allowed for more in-depth…


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IWB project iTILT presented at BETT

The iTILT project on IWB and language education will present its results at the BETTshow on Friday February 1, 10-10:30am in the SMARTRoom.

If you happen to be there do come and visit us, definitely if your teaching also involves modern languages.

Alternatively check out our video resources, might provide some inspiration here and there...…


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~Free Online Voting Tool~

I came accross this on the CESI group this morning and thought you it would be a great resource…


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