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A Usefull Wiki

I got notification of this Wiki this morning and thought it would be worth sharing

Lots of good stuff!

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Some tips on using youtube with a whiteboard
There is some good stuff here on using youtube with the whiteboard. Specifically tools to give you a link to a video without all the junk that can come with it (suggested next video to watch, adds etc) and how to link to a specific point in a video.

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Draft introduction for the 20 tips Guide

There are no magic bullets in teaching.  That wonderful technique or piece of technology or whatever which transforms your  teaching practice and turns all your students into genii does not exist.

The interactive while board is just another piece of kit, and it won’t teach your class for you or correct students copy books while you go home. At its heart Its  a more advanced version of that piece of teaching technology which has been around since the Lascaux caves,  a slab of something…


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A sample lesson plan for my teachers.

I have drawn up a couple of lesson plans for a hypothetical course using the IWB.  These may be a little too elaborate, but should give a flavour of whats involved in documenting what you are doing using these templates.

Lesson 1




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Coordinators seminar Arklow, Laurence Cuffe's contribution

Atached to this post is a copy of the presentation I made to the coordinators seminar in Arklow on the 5th of December. In adition to the links mentioned in the smart notebook of my presentation, I mentioned a couple of websites which I curate.

Firstly there was "SubjectresourcesforIrished" and in particular the "math…


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3rd Seminar and First Workshop sesion Arklow Youthreach

This seminar/ workshop took place in the throes of FETAC completion / Internal verification, and I had three staff members partaking. I have two other teachers who have expresed an interest in the program and I will follow up with them at a later date.

 I was working on a presentation, when it occurred to me that this whole process is about student interaction, and student led learning. So rather than develop a talk for the session, I decided to use the COP to drive the learning. We…


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A rant on technology in the classroom!

This is a link to a blog entry by Greg Limperts.on the use of technology in the classroom. Its a bit of a rant, however, he does have a nice description towards the end of IWB's as allowing you to let students teach other students, which I felt was a nice line.

Blog entry

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Speed trials

I've just finished running speed trials on the smart notebook 11 software. I've run them on two machines in Bray with smartboards attached, I've run them on two machines here in Arklow, and I've run them on my home machine with 4.5 Gbytes ram installed as well as on a netbook.  In all cases it seems to take about 50 to 60 seconds from clicking on the ikon, to having the software open. I've also noticed a funny program called "BrowserProcess.exe" which seems to start three copies of itself…


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11 minute video on teaching maths

I've added an 11 minute video in teaching maths to the video area. Its a guy called Day Mayer, giving a TED talk on teaching maths, and how to engage students. Good stuff.

If you cant find the video tab, the video is here:

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Another online resource: Weekly online tutorials on geting educationaly useful stuff off the net

I've been logging in to a series of online webcasts followed by Q&A sesions. Theyre co-ordinated by Niell Bruton out of DCU. the speakers tend to be world class e.g Ahraham Bissel of Creative commons talking about open source licensing... The talks can also be listened to after the fact on the web-site.
The program is called the 4C initiative and can be found here:

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