Draft introduction for the 20 tips Guide

There are no magic bullets in teaching.  That wonderful technique or piece of technology or whatever which transforms your  teaching practice and turns all your students into genii does not exist.

The interactive while board is just another piece of kit, and it won’t teach your class for you or correct students copy books while you go home. At its heart Its  a more advanced version of that piece of teaching technology which has been around since the Lascaux caves,  a slab of something to write on, while you explain.

However, just as Mies Van der Rohe said, the devil is in the details, and that is the case here. Teaching surfaces have advanced a little in the past  17,302 years.

An interactive whiteboard, and its software,  can remember lots of pages of work. You don’t have to walk further into the cave, just start a new page.  It can remember what you did last week, last month, last year.

It can record. It can record a drawing as you do it and allow you to play it back, put it up on YouTube or send it to your students.

It can be a window into another class room or Niagra falls.  It can go anywhere on the web , it’s a flying classroom.  With a webcam, it can allow everybody to look over your shoulder as you demonstrate some intricate task.

Its also a construction kit for interactive activities. Students can sort text, play with math functions, learn vocabulary build educational games, match pictures and build their own presentations of their work. 

It can allow you to share your work with other teachers, and to borrow from other teachers if you are teaching the same material.

Actually, it doesn’t do any of these things, but you may choose to use it to do these things.   Making good choices as to how to use it, involves thinking about why you are using it, and we hope that in the program that this guide is part of, we will give you the tools to look at how and what you are teaching in a way which will allow you to choose which if any of the possibilities listed above will help you.


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Comment by Wendy O'Sullivan on January 7, 2013 at 13:24

Excellent Larry. Thanks a million.

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