iTILT Interactive Technologies in Language Teaching

This project developed a website which includes videos of teachers who were trained to use Interactive Whiteboards in language teaching. 

The site has a very comprehensive set of search filters to allow teachers to find examples of lessons in different languages, on different topics and integrating various themes. 

In the site, you will also find teacher reflection and student feedback on their experiences of the lessons. 

There are also ideas for using visual imagery to encourage vocabulary development and verbal interaction - there are lots of super ideas here.

The project also promotes the idea that teachers should describe the task they are carrying out in advance and ensure too that they have paid attention to copyright law. 

Margaret presented a lesson in listening which was on the theme of Aborigine Art. It starts with an image of Ayers Rock; then a map of the world for comparison of the scale of Australia to Europe - then a listening exercise using a video of an Aborigine Artist talking; and a video of the Australian Prime Minister giving his 'Sorry Day' speech. The the students write a letter to the artist summarising what they have learned as a result of the listening exercise. 

The iTILT Library gives access to other contents which are available for language teaching. 

In 2013 iTILT will be offering Comenius courses twice, in Spain and Portugal for language teachers. 

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