Smartvet Flyer distributed in Dutch VET ambassadors community

Kennisnet , the Dutch public educational organization which supports and inspires NL primary, secondary and vocational institutions in the effective use of ICT (an organisation modelled on the Becta approach, IMO) was approached to disseminate the SmartVET project results.

In addition to information pages specifically targeted at the Dutch vocational sector the MBO  (=Dutch for vocational education) website also supports a national group of so-called ambassadors.

Input for these grassroots professionals that advocate and support the use of ICT in their own local situation is provided at a number of annual CPD meetings organised by the network.

Although usually packed with content TELLConsult managed -thanks to the cooperation of the coordinator- to get attention for the SmartVET project at the latest meeting. As testified by the reference to the digital version of the project flyer included in the 2 October meeting minutes

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