No matter where you are in education today the new management buzz word seems to be ICT Integration. There is such a hard sell on this - but what is often ignored is the fact that every 30 minute exercise created - takes about 2-3 hours of preparation time! On the other hand though - when effective ICT integration is balanced with traditional methods it really does seem to work.

I find it useful for assessing learning - creating a quiz in Hot Potatoes is one of the easiest things in the world to do - and when students have learned a new topic they can be quite enthused about completing a quiz – especially if you can strike up a little competitive element in the classroom. The gender battle works well here – no matter how politically correct our society had become teenage boys still don’t like a girl to beat them on a technical quiz!

I worry though that Hot Potatoes is being oversold – a quote from one of my students, “PowerPoint is the new Word”, shows how students will always become contemptuous of what there is too much of! For that reason I have tried to create more innovative quizzes, creating drag and drop games in VB .Net for example, to help embed an understanding of Select Case and IF statements. This is where the time comes in – coding a system like this takes forever! I also have problems finding places to host these materials – they become too complex to open from a standard VLE like Moodle.

I think for effective ICT integration, we have to go beyond the norm or students are going to become bored – hopefully this site will let many people share and exchange their best ideas and applications.

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Comment by Angela Gilmore on January 11, 2010 at 12:10
I think it would make an excellent project - and it would certainly help us to address the diverse levels in each group
Comment by Brian Murray on January 11, 2010 at 12:08
I think this environment would allow exceptional students to improve their skills if we researched suitable online tutorials and made them available to them. A possible project??

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