I visited Bray Adult Education Centre, Bray Youthreach, Arklow Further Education Centre and Blessington Further Education Centre over the last few days, with my colleague, Wendy O'Sullivan. We were talking to teachers about their progress with their Project Plans. The teachers we met were progressing with their plans for testing their IWB skills in a structured fashion, and we were presented with many interesting ideas for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; Communications, Art; Maths; Health Care, Health and Safety; Social Personal and Health Education; Art and Design, among others.

Reflecting on the meetings with teachers, I came to the conclusion that a new section would need to be recognised and included in the training for teachers. While in the seminars and workshops, we focussed on 'hands on' use of the Interactive Whiteboard, and examples of what the IWB can do, it has become apparent to me, that there is some benefit in sitting with teachers to demonstrate how best to use the IWB software for developing lessons. It is in this process that the rich possibilities of the technology seem to become more apparent.

It will be interesting to see what the teachers we worked with during the last few weeks produce for their lessons now, and whether they are more comfortable with using the software as a result. It was a great chance to solve any technical problems too.

Through this site, we are always available to answer questions and to do more demonstrations. There are lots of videos available too on this site, which demonstrate how to use the different functions of the IWBs.

It was a pleasure to visit teachers and to talk about their practice as teachers while creating resources with them. I'm really looking forward to seeing more Project Plans, and to seeing the interactive lessons teachers are using too over the next few weeks.



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